Liz Magic Laser and Wendy Osserman – From North Carolina to South Korea

“The sense of conspiratorial participation was intoxicating.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES on Liz Magic Laser

Sat Sep 13 @ 8pm and Sun Sep 14 @ 2pm
Memorial Hall, UNC Chapel Hill, NC

From North Carolina to South Korea, commissioned by UNC’s Art Department and Carolina Performing Arts, combines the multimedia performance art of Liz Magic Laser with the choreography of Wendy Osserman. Collaborating for the first time, the mother-daughter duo examines the studied gestures of politicians and the actual events shown on the news. Focusing on internet news, Laser and Osserman look at the effect that posturing and emotional display have on the public’s perception. This performance piece employs live video feeds with green screen effects, repurposing the techniques of news production in order to represent an embodied reception of the news.

WODC member, Cori Kresge, joins a cast of North Carolina based performers. The development of this piece took place, in part, at UNC-Chapel Hill through a residency hosted by the Art Department. In addition to footage culled from the internet, the performance features excerpts from an interactive event live-streamed from Carolina Performing Arts to the Nam June Paik Art Center ( in Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea on September 12, 2014.

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People’s Biennial 2014: Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

September 5, 2014 – January 4, 2015

Liz Magic Laser selects Wendy Osserman for Exhibition Series

People’s Biennial was conceived by artist Harrell Fletcher and curator Jens Hoffmann in 2009. It examines the work of artists and other creative individuals, who operate outside the conventional art world. As such it recognizes a wide array of artistic expression present in many communities across the United States. In covering the little known, the overlooked, the marginalized, and the excluded, the project offers a view into a diverse range of creative practices in America today.
For the second iteration of this exhibition series, the curators have asked twenty recognized artists including Liz Magic Laser, based in a wide set of locations around the country to connect and collaborate with creative individuals they personally know who are not part of the art world in any way. These twenty solo presentations will each be displayed in small scale free standing gallery structures within the large gallery of the museum creating a village and creative community of the unknown and overlooked. The installation will include an interview Laser conducted with her mother, the choreographer, Wendy Osserman as well as photos, flyers, videos and objects relating to WENDY OSSERMAN DANCE COMPANY performances dating back to the seventies.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit is located at 4454 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI. Phone: 313.832.6622.
Museum Hours: Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday: 11AM - 5PM, Thursday & Friday: 11AM - 8PM. Closed Monday & Tuesday.

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Click here to view excerpts from Vestigal (2014) presented by Crystal Field, Executive Director, Theater for the New City.

In Vestigal the dancers use the premise that they have just now found themselves to have human bodies. Mosaic, pointillist and other depictions of animals and humans influence their movement as the past infiltrates the present. Osserman's movement circumvents the idea of style.

Featuring Cori Kresge (10th anniversary season), Lauren Ferguson, Emily Vetsch and Wendy Osserman, with live music by Skip La Plante.

"Osserman, who is (hard to believe) in her early 70s, has her own kind of magnetism." THE NEW YORK TIMES

Click here to view excerpts from Appetite (2013)presented by Crystal Field, Executive Director, Theater for the New City

The piece traces the source, pleasure and conflict of our acquisitiveness. Music by Skip La Plante

Click here to view excerpts from Compromised (2012)

Compromised manifests the polarization we are witnessing on the political stage, the extremism of conflicting truths as seen by Left and Right. Can they both be right? Are they both wrong? Polarization and compromise are translated into movement, exposing the contradictions we are feeling, both between us and within. Osserman collaborated with four dancers, Lauren Ferguson, Cori Kresge, Cara Heerdt & Milan Misko. Music:Victor Lewis, Julian Mock, Eric Satie arranged by Jordan McLean, Set: Charles Hinman, Lighting: Roderick Murray, Costumes: Zuzka Kurtz

"As if trying to guide the discussion, Osserman stands center stage, directing traffic with her hands before finally giving up; apparently the effort of making opposing sides listen to each other is just too much... it often appears that her body is making its own decisions about what it wants to do—sometimes she tries to control it, and sometimes she just goes with it." Eye On The Arts, NY, Jessica Moore 4/16/12

Click here to view more is more is more or less excerpts on YouTube

"...delighting and providing, as [Gertrude] Stein did in her own day, unexpected pleasure." - David St.-Lascaux, VOICE OF DANCE

Click here to view Out of Place excerpts on YouTube

"... the work is provocative precisely because it feels like a new amalgam of some indefinable kind." -Roslyn Sulcas, THE NEW YORK TIMES