Tips To Choose The Right Phono Preamp

In general, the phono preamp is also called phono stage, which is an audio component used to amplifies the signal from a turntable.

Phono Preamp

Nowadays, it is rare to find the preamplifiers or amplifiers with a phono input. The phono input is highly essential while using vinyl turntable. The signal emitting from the CD player is higher than the signal emitting from the cartridge. If you want to hear the music sound from vinyl through the stereo system or speakers, you need to enhance the signal range.

You need to consider many numbers of points while going to select the best phono preamp. Let see what are all things look for in a phono preamp:

Phono Preamp According To Your Cartridge

Depends upon the phono cartridge, you have to choose the phono preamplifier on your vinyl turntable. In case, if you have a MM (Moving magnet cartridge), you have to prefer the MM phenol Cartridge. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers offer both the MM/MC phenol preamp in a single device.

Phono Preamp According To Your Vinyl Turntable:

If the amplifier is connected with a vinyl turntable, you need to add a phono preamplifier. In case, the amplifier with a phono input does not satisfy your expectation, you have to add a phono preamp, which is strongly recommended by the manufactures. You have to choose the best pheno preamp for enhancing the sound quality.


Technical Characteristics You Have To Be Considered:

You have to consider some of the technical characteristics to take into account when choosing a phenol preamp. A MM phenol preamp offers a gain of 40db, with a capacitive load of 100pF.

This load values can be adjustable while preferring the advanced versions. The quality and precision can be used to justify the price of phono preamplifier. An MC phono stage offers a gain of 58dB, with a resistive in between the 50 and 1000 ohms.

Consider The Sound Quality Of Phono Preamp:

You have to consider the different stage of a phono preamp, for choosing the right sound quality you are expecting. Depending upon the components used in the phono preamp, the sound quality gets highly varied. The manufacturing process and technological bias can be varied according to the manufacturers.

The sound quality can be expressed in different characteristics such as timber, precision, dynamism, realism, neutrality, etc.

Digitalizing Your Vinyl Records:

If RIAA phono preamp is not present in the vinyl turntable, you cannot able to digitize your vinyl records. If you want to digitize the vinyl record of your computer, you have to prefer the USB phono stage. By using the USB output, you just need to connect the USB phono stage with vinyl turntable.

This is one of the important things you have to be considered while choosing the phono preamplifier.

Make use of this information, while selecting the right phono preamp. The phono preamp has completely differed from the vinyl turntable; it need not be depends on it. Thus, these are all the important points you need to be considered while going to choose the phono preamp.