Basic comparison between direct drive vs belt drive turntables

One of the most common old question people ask is how belt driver and turntable drive differs with each other. You may know about their common difference based on their manufacturing and functionality but both drives have some unique usages which are unknown to many person.

Here are some basic and common difference between direct drive and belt drive. The direct drive turntable has named like that because the platter is directly attached to the motor which in turn creates high torque. Since the torque is high the plates rotates with consistent maximum speed and less affected by the surroundings forces.

The record sit placed on the top of platter which converts vibrations into sound so often the direct drive turn tables are used by DJs where they are allowed to spin the platter backwards which creates special sound effects.

In belt drive the platter is isolated from motor and connected to the bearing. An elastic belt is used to spin the bearing it reduces shock and vibrations generated by the motor. Moreover elastic belt provides less noise transmission.

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Pros and cons of using direct drive and belt drive

Since, both drives have their unique advantages which may be common to both drives but when you check belt drive vs direct drive it is necessary to see their unique advantages here are some pros and cons of both drives are listed below.

  • Both turntable drives are best with them based on people needs they get differ, if you wish to have spinning platter with high speed then direct drive would be better option of choice.
  • Since the platter is directly connected to the motor the torque is maximum this results with maximum and consistent speed.
  • Where as in belt drive the platter is connected to the bearing by means of elastic belt so it operated with normal speed.
  • Since the motor is directly connected to the bearing there are high chances for spinning platter affected by vibration from the motor which makes sound quality poor.
  • In belt drive as the motor is connected to the bearing by means of elastic belt which absorbs shock and vibration generated in the motor this helps to have good sound quality.

  • As the spinning platter accelerates faster the sound distortion is less in direct drive in same way as the belt drive uses elastic belts to connect bearing and motor it provides less noise transmission.
  • When the lifespan comparison is done to direct drive turntable vs belt driven then direct drive wins because in belt drive the elastic belt need to be replaced periodically when it lose its elasticity.

All the above points explain about basic difference between both drives but when you think which one would be better? This is mainly depends on your needs most of the turntable is opted for good sound quality then belt drive turntable is better choice. If you need to have fast spinning for DJ purpose then direct drive would be better choice since it allows you to rotate the platter on backwards.