Best Speakers For A Tube Amplifier

People who are interested in music would prefer to have speakers with good sound quality along with less distortion. This is mainly because most of the people enjoy the music when it is played with high quality of sound in higher volume with less distortion.

All these are based on the power amplifier you choose for many years the power amplifier uses vacuum technology this used in home stereo and musical instruments which needs amplifier such as guitar, piano and even more.

The speakers designed for tube amps are connected to the amplifier although the technology had developed more advanced speakers has arrived but still certain company holds the original tube amps speakers.

How tube amps works?

The tube amplifier is commonly named as vacuum tube amps this is because the amplifier is enclosed with glass tubes which does not has air presence in it. The amplifier consists of four components such as

  • Filament
  • Cathode
  • Plate
  • Grid

When current is passed through the filament it gets heated up which activates the cathode to emit positive electrons towards the plate. On the other side when the current is passed the plate provides negative electron to flow thus positive electrons from cathode and negative electrons from the plate gets collided. These collision and flow of electrons are controlled by grid.

When more than one amplifier tubes connected they are capable for transfer voltage loads which in turn it can be used to control the radio signals or signals from guitar. The constant current transfer between amplifier and speakers would deliver constant and smooth sound production.

speakers for tube amplifier

Necessary things to be checked while choosing speakers:

While choosing tube amplifier speakers you need to check some necessary key features without fail which are listed below.

  • It is more important to check the ohm load of the speaker before choosing because the speaker used for vacuum tube or any other amplifier their ohm loads and impedance matters for sound quality.
  • While choosing high impedance rated speaker would match with high impendence output from the amplifier which in turn helps to get better sound quality.
  • The speaker should at least have minimum 88 Hz frequency thus it would match the output from amplifier and maintain continuous signal level.

Apart from above points the speaker should be resistant to current running in the circuit if not there may chances for poor sound quality.

tube amplifier speakers

By knowing all the factors about tube amp you may think what speakers can be used to get better sound quality in tube amps? The good speakers for tube amps are manufactured in heyday speakers, celestion speakers, Vox musical amplifier and Altec lancing. All these speakers are considered to be as high efficiency speakers for tube amps because each of them are used for different and unique purpose such as heyday speakers are well designed with tube amps and operated at peak efficiency. Likewise Altec Lansing speakers are used for live sound due to its tone quality and durability.

At present due to advancement there are many speakers available for tube amps such as JBL, Gauss and Black Window all these can handle different applications in addition.